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This is one of the greatest spelling apps created for educational and family entertainment, perfect for users over the age of 4. Whether you’re the next spelling bee champion or just learning the alphabet, this spelling game can help you become the ultimate speller of all time!

Spelling Stage


Get on the Spelling Stage to play in three unique competitions from kindergarten to national champions. Immerse yourself and your youngsters into challenging sessions of spelling games and have hours of fun together! Play together, learn how to spell, combine all of the above with our incredible spelling app for kids and adults.


Get ready to enjoy a fun narration and awesome characters! This spelling app allows you to learn spelling words in a very unique way. Join worldwide contests, collect wardrobe awards as you pass each contest to customize your look and even use your own photo for the ultimate selfie!


– Tons of word categories
– Learn how to spell and have fun
– Intuitive spelling games for 4+ users
– Multiple competitions from kindergarten to national champions
– Collect wardrobe awards
– Create and customize your own character
– Challenge and compete with friends and family
– 3D Touch feature
– Easy and simple to use
– Also great for ESL Students (English as a second language).
– FREE to try. Purchase a subscription for full access to online stages.
– Submit spelling bee request to
– New spelling bees added regularly